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  • Creamy Cacao Protein
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Creamy Cacao Protein Shake 🧋

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This chocolatey blend combines organic whey and raw cacao for a delicious and healthy protein boost. Enjoy as a quick shake with hazelnut milk or in your favourite smoothie recipe.

1 Box contains 12 compostable sachets (30g each)

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Creamy Cacao Protein

grass fed & organic


raw energy

Why mess around with flavourings when you can include wonderful raw cacao instead? hello, extra energy!

tasty & convenient

Shake up with your favourite nut milk (try hazelnut milk!), add to your smoothies or mix into your cereal

Organic Whey Protein Powder

Sourced from European organic certified dairy farms where cows are free to roam the pastures, this whey protein concentrate is gently processed using a low temperature filtration process, making it one of the most nutritious and digestible sources of protein on Earth.

Organic Raw Cacao powder

Organic Ecuadorian raw cacao powder provides a wonderfully rich chocolate flavour while delivering the unadulterated nutritional benefits of cacao. Not to be confused with cocoa, the refined and processed version of this nutritional powerhouse.

Just a pinch will do

At Motion, we don't use any sweeteners like stevia, Sucralose or Aspartame commonly used by other brands. Instead, in Creamy Cacao we add a small pinch of unrefined coconut sugar to round off the flavour of raw cacao and stimulate the digestion of the whey protein.

Hold the foam

Some studies suggest lecithin may help lower cholesterol and improve heart health - but in Creamy Cacao, we simply include it as a gentle and natural way to avoid too much foam when you make a smoothie or shake, as the tiny air bubbles could otherwise cause indigestion.