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  • Peanut Butter Protein
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Peanut Butter Protein Shake 🥜

This dreamy nuttiness packs a nutritional punch with a smooth texture and bold flavour. An instant classic, an all-time favourite.

Peanut Butter ProteinPeanut Butter Protein Shake 🥜

a household favourite

all the flavour of peanut butter with all the protein from 4 plants. an instant favourite in every household!

Tasty & convenient

Wonderfully versatile, use this PB protein in smoothies, pancakes, baking or try mixing into yoghurt

Plant protein

Don't underestimate the humble peanut: we've removed some of its fat and added protein from Sunflower, Pea and hemp

Organic fat-reduced high protein peanut flour

To make our high protein peanut flour, oil is removed from our organic peanuts, reducing their fat content and increasing the protein content. They are then gently dried and ground into a fine powder following Soil Association approved organic standards.

Organic yellow pea protein

One of the most digestible plant based sources of protein, yellow pea is added in our Peanut Butter protein powder to complete the amino acid profile along with pumpkin seed and hemp seed protein.

Organic raw pumpkin seed protein

When you roast a pumpkin, you can scoop out the seeds first and dry them for later use. We've done the work for you here by adding raw pumpkin seed protein into our PB mix.

Organic hemp seed protein

Hemp seeds are extremely nutritious and a very environmentally friendly crop. In our PB protein, they round off the amino acid profile and give an extra nutty flavour to the mix.