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Power Up: Jitter-free energy 🚀

Power Up does what coffee struggles to do: Give you calm, clean and long-lasting energy without that wired feeling. Stay focused and productive all-day without the caffeine-like crash.

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Power Up JarPower Up: Jitter-free energy 🚀

Monk-like Focus

The botanical extracts inside Power Up fight brain fog, so you'll feel less likely to look at Instagram when you don't want to

Remember names & numbers

Paul McCartney once had clouds removed from the sky for his concert. It's trivial, but we remember it. Make better use of Power Up than we do

Less mid-day fatigue

We know you like that 2pm coffee with Bob from Accounts but Power Up doesn’t know that. It just knows how to keep you going


High doses of B vitamins begin raising your mental energy levels.

DAY 21

You’re likely no longer reaching for that 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee.

DAY 45

By this point, the average user reports 33% higher productivity levels.

DAY 90

So long, decision fatigue. You can take more on through the day.


Power Up Coffee
Instant, jittery energy
Sustained, focused energy
Mental performance aid
Reduces decision fatigue
Keeps you awake at night


A powerful antioxidant amino acid included to support blood flow to the brain.


  • Used traditionally for its ability to modulate mood
  • Helpful to cardiovascular health
  • Studied as a potential blood pressure aid

PubMed: Taurine Supplementation Lowers Blood Pressure and Improves Vascular Function PubMed: Protective and therapeutic effectiveness of taurine
2 Capsules provide 200mg

Gotu Kola

Referred to as the "herb of longevity”, a natural nootropic herb studied for memory support.


  • Used in the Ayurvedic system for memory, cognitive deficits and mental function
  • Provides documented support of mitochondrial biogenesis
  • Supports the actions of folate and vitamin B12 in Power Up

PubMed: Exploring the Role of “Brahmi” (Bacopa monnieri) in Brain Function and Therapy PubMed: Positive modulation of cognition and mood in the healthy elderly volunteer following the administration of Centella asiatica
2 Capsules provide 100mg

Panax Ginseng

A memory and mood botanical full of healthy flavonoid antioxidants.


  • A source of flavonoids shown to improve working memory and mood in healthy individuals
  • Used traditionally for over 5,000 years for its natural energy qualities
  • Compliments the mental performance benefits of B5 in Power Up

PubMed: Effects of American ginseng on neurocognitive function PubMed: Improved working memory performance following administration of a single dose of American ginseng to healthy middle-age adults
2 Capsules provide 100mg


An amino acid involved in dopamine production, studied for stress relief and mental performance.


  • Tyrosine is the precursor to dopamine and noradrenaline
  • Increasing tyrosine uptake may positively influence psychological functioning
  • Studied by the US army to support decision making in high stress situations

PubMed: Tyrosine for Mitigating Stress and Enhancing Performance in Healthy Adult Humans PubMed: Behavioral and cognitive effects of tyrosine intake in healthy human adults PubMed: Tyrosine promotes cognitive flexibility
2 Capsules provide 100mg

Acetyl L-carnitine

An amino acid included in Power Up for mental energy and reducing fatigue.


  • Acts as an energy carrier at the mitochondrial level
  • Studied for potential protective actions against brain ageing processes
  • May reduce both physical and mental fatigue, particularly in the elderly

PubMed: L-Carnitine treatment reduces severity of physical and mental fatigue and increases cognitive functions in centenarians PubMed: Acetyl-L-carnitine: a drug able to slow the progress of Alzheimer's disease?
2 Capsules provide 100mg

Organic Lion’s Mane

A powerful mushroom widely recognised for its multiple health benefits, including cognitive support.


  • Consumed in Asian countries for its nutritional and health benefits
  • A source of up to 70 bioactive metabolites known to stave off chronic, cognitive, and neurological diseases

PubMed: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Health-Promoting Properties of Hericium erinaceus (Lion's Mane)
2 Capsules provide 67mg

Vitamin B3

Essential for energy production, vitamin B3 is also studied for its neuroprotective potential.


  • Necessary for healthy energy levels
  • Contributes to nervous system function
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue

PubMed: A vitamin B3 with effects on energy metabolism and neuroprotection EFSA scientific opinion on B3 health claims
2 Capsules provide 50mg NE (313% NRV)


An essential nutrient and major component involved in memory formation and healthy brain ageing.


  • One of the most used food supplements for cognitive support in the US
  • Essential to the synthesis of acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter involved in memory formation
  • Has been shown to contribute to increased neuroplasticity

PubMed: The role of citicoline in cognitive impairment PubMed: Citicoline: pharmacological and clinical review
2 Capsules provide 41mg

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is included in a high dose to avoid fatigue and tiredness from a hectic lifestyle.


  • Supports healthy, stable energy levels
  • May help avoid mood swings and supports nervous system
  • Contributes to psychological functions

PubMed: Effect of Vitamin B6 on Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms: a Randomized Clinical Trial
2 Capsules provide 20mg (1400%)

Iron Bisglycinate

A high-absorption source of iron to support psychological functions and healthy energy levels.


  • Supports healthy, stable energy levels
  • Used as a performance enhancing substance by athletes
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue

PubMed: Iron treatment normalizes cognitive functioning in young women EFSA scientific opinion of Iron health claims
2 Capsules provide 20mg (1400%)

Vitamin B5

Also known as Pantothenic Acid - essential for mental performance, every day.


  • Supports mental performance
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Essential for healthy energy levels

EFSA scientific opinion on Vitamin B5 health claims
2 Capsules provide 10mg (167% NRV)

Manganese Bisglycinate

Supports mitochondrial health and healthy energy levels.


  • Helps to protect cells from oxidative stress
  • Supports a healthy, energy-yielding metabolism
  • Helps the maintenance of healthy bones

PubMed: Redox dynamics of manganese as a mitochondrial life-death switch
2 Capsules provide 3mg (150% NRV)

Piperine black pepper extract

A natural extract of black pepper, piperine is used to increase bioavailability of the ingredients in Power Up.

PubMed: Piper nigrum and piperine
2 Capsules provide 2.5mg


A mineral involved in healthy hormone production, including testosterone and oestrogen.


  • Influences the natural metabolism of steroid hormones including testosterone and oestrogen
  • Both of these hormones are needed for cognitive power
  • Required for the metabolism of several other nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D

PubMed: The physiological effects of dietary boron
2 Capsules provide 2mg


A brain-essential vitamin that acts as a nervous system supporter.


  • Supports healthy functioning of the nervous system
  • Contributes to normal psychological function
  • Supports healthy energy levels

EFSA scientific opinion on Boron health claims
2 Capsules provide 500μg (1000% NRV)

Vitamin B12

Provided as a high dose of Methylcobalamin, a ‘predigested’ form of B12 to support mental fitness and healthy energy levels.


  • An essential supplement for anyone on a plant-based diet
  • Contributes to normal psychological function
  • Supports healthy energy levels and reduces fatigue

EFSA scientific opinion on B12 health claims
2 Capsules provide 400μg (16000% NRV)

Folic Acid

Provided as L-methylfolate for higher absorption, this B9 vitamin acts synergistically with vitamin B12 to support cognitive health.


  • Contributes to normal psychological function
  • Supports healthy energy levels and reduces fatigue
  • Supports immune system function

PubMed: Serum folate and B12 levels in association with cognitive impairment among seniors
2 Capsules provide 400μg (200% NRV)

Vitamin D3

Known as the sunshine vitamin and studied for its benefits to mood regulation and long term brain health.


  • Contributes to the maintenance of healthy muscle function
  • Recently studied for its long term brain health benefits
  • An essential supplement in the UK from early Autumn to late Spring

PubMed: Vitamin D in dementia prevention
2 Capsules provide 25μg, 1000IU (500% NRV)