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Unplug: Natural Sleep Aid 🥱

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Meet Unplug - UK's most-awarded natural sleep supporter - that helps you get more zzzs. Unplug's soothing blend of herbal extracts and minerals take your mind away from the endless items on your to-do list so that you get quality shuteye. Most Unplug users improve their sleep quality by a third in 30 nights.

Try Unplug for 30 nights for deeper sleep.


Pack (30 Days)
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Unplug: Natural Sleep Aid 🥱

Fall asleep easier

The botanical extracts inside Unplug calm the buzzing mind, helping you drift off deeper and faster

See dreamier dreams

Unplug unlocks and then extends the phase where your sleep is at its deepest. So you dream more and

Wake up well-rested

It helps your body make its own sleep hormones. By avoiding knockout sedatives, you wake up without grogginess.


First signs of improvements kick in thanks to the restorative minerals.


The average user falls asleep 52% faster by this point. No more tossing and turning!


Botanicals have kicked in: expect to wake up a third more refreshed in the morning.


You wake up less often in the night and when you do, it’s easy to fall back asleep.

Sleep Deeper

Unplug Sleep Aids
Knocks you out
Potentially addictive
Fall asleep faster
Wake up refreshed (not groggy!)
Improves over time

Real people. Real results