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Unplug Sleep Balm: Aaand sleep…😴

Seek solace for mind and soul with this dreamy aromatherapeutic blend of marjoram, juniper, galangal and rosemary. It's obsessively-crafted to work alongside Unplug to help you unwind and enjoy a better night's sleep.

Apply balm to pulse points (wrists, behind the ears, temples) and allow your body’s warmth to release the relaxing aroma.

10ml. Lasts 3-4 weeks.


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Unplug Sleep Balm: Aaand sleep…😴

Functional Fragrance

The ingredients have been carefully chosen to first detach the mind from the daily grind, and then relax it to help Unplug work more effectively.

Wake up well-rested

Calming chamomile, clarifying marjoram, delicate galangal and relaxing rosemary combine together to leave you revitalised in the morning.

Indulgently skin-soothing

It rejuvenates dry skin, cocooning it in nourishing softness. Wake up to smoother, supple and firmer skin.