How To Share Your Motion Story

Not sure what to say? Here are some ideas:

Did a Motion product solve a problem for you? Maybe you used to suffer from poor sleep, but Unplug helped solve that for you. Tell us about that.
Maybe you’ve tried other products that didn’t work for you, but your favourite Motion product did.
Maybe you just really like the taste of one of our products.
Just be honest! People want to hear honest reviews.

Tips for taking a good video or photo:

Make sure you have your favourite Motion product in the video or photo.
It doesn’t matter if you stumble, or if you get something wrong, we’re looking for honesty, not

Use good lighting. This is probably one of the easiest ways to make your photo or video look nice.
Most phones will take a good quality video or photo these days so you shouldn’t need any special

How we’ll use your video or photo:

We’d like to use these videos and images alongside customer reviews on the product pages of our
website. We might also use some of them, or excerpts from some of them in social media posts or

Ts&Cs. Payment is entirely discretionary, we reserve the right to refuse provision of a voucher if
images/videos are clearly unsuitable. Content must be free from profanity or any inappropriate