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How to choose your supplements

It can be really quite tricky to know what to look out for when buying sports supplements.
Long lists of ingredients, often with trademarked names and lots of E-numbers, a plethora of similar supplements to choose from: it’s information overload. Where to start?
At Motion Nutrition we’ve simplified supplements with clear pre, mid and post workout shakes along with organic whey protein for anytime, and a range of enhanced capsules to meet your specific performance and health goals. So when it comes down to making a decision, the best you can do is look straight at our ingredients list. The choice is yours, would you rather…
  1. As a source of carbohydrates in your recovery shake:

  • Ultra refined maltodextrin made from processed corn or wheat
  • Organic certified red banana powder made from sun-ripened Ecuadorian bananas?
  1. To give you an energy boost and accelerate your fat-burning metabolism:

  • Nutrient-void synthetic caffeine
  • Anti-oxidant packed, organic certified matcha powder?
  1. As a flavour for your protein shake:

  • Chocolate flavouring
  • Raw, organic cacao powder, considered one of the most powerful superfoods?
  1. As a source of electrolytes to battle cramps:

  • Isolated minerals and synthetic vitamins
  • Freeze-dried coconut water, from sustainably grown organic coconuts?
  1. As your trusted source of healthy sports supplements:

  • Motion Nutrition
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