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  • Why You Should Not Bring Work Into The Bedroom

    January 14, 2020 2 min read

    Why You Should Not Bring Work Into The Bedroom | Motion Nutrition
    Research suggests that reserving the bedroom for nothing but sleep and sex can improve your chances of enjoying a sound night’s rest.

    Here’s why: Maintaining a separate, dedicated sleep space makes it easier for you to fall asleep when it’s time for bed. That’s because your brain will learn to associate your bed with sleep so that the simple act of getting in bed helps cue your body that it’s time to wind down. This mental link can also hamper your productivity if you do try to bring work into the bedroom. If you are usually in “relax mode” when you get into bed, trying to do work there might be more difficult than usual because your brain will think it’s time to sleep (not time to work).

    Keeping computers, TVs, and work materials out of the room will strengthen the mental association between your bedroom and sleep. It also makes sense to avoid stressful and stimulating activities in your bedroom — and that includes working. Physically and psychologically stressful activities can cause the body to secrete the stress hormone cortisol, which is associated with increasing alertness.

    Something else to bear in mind: If you regularly work in your bed, you may end up looking at your computer screen or phone right before you go to sleep at night. This exposes you to the blue light emitted by electronics, which can inhibit the production of melatonin — an important sleep hormone that helps tell your body it’s time to rest.

    Experts recommend avoiding screens before bedtime for this exact reason. Ultimately, you want your bedroom to be a relaxing space that promotes good sleep. This means it’s a good idea to keep your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet — and not to make your bedroom a second workspace, tempting as that may be.

    32% better sleep in 30 days with Unplug

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    When it comes to sleep, there are no quick fixes. Motion Nutrition's natural sleep supporter Unplug isn’t designed to send you to sleep in the moment; it’s designed to change your relationship with sleep. By nourishing the mind with nutrients that are missing in the food we eat — day by day, for a month — Unplug gradually makes it easier to wind down and drift off. After 30 days, Unplug users report: - Stress and anxiety levels improve by 39% - Sleep quality improves by 32% - Time taken to fall asleep reduces by 52% - Getting out of bed in the morning becomes easier by 36% Unplug is not a sleeping pill that just knocks you out for hours on end. It's a natural supplement that helps your body and mind relax by soothing the nervous system and promoting deep sleep. You should wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy like after taking a sleeping pill.

    Try Unplug for 30 days

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