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  • Executives Lifestyle: Maximising Efficiency with Elite Trainer Kemo Marriott

    Executives Lifestyle: Maximising Efficiency with Elite Trainer Kemo Marriott | Motion Nutrition
    Kemo Marriott is the go-to Trainer for the World’s top executives. In this article, we get an insight into how his clients maximise their physical and mental potential to achieve more.
    Kemo’s intellect combined with the use of technology enables him to craft the most tailored and bespoke training service possible, by providing what he calls, “responsive programs”. His priority is to keep his client moving everyday. This does not need to be intense. However, it is very important to move with variety, in order to ensure the brain is continually stimulated and ready to perform. We learn about his approach and what a typical week of travelling around with an Executive may look like and how exercise and nutrition advice is provided to keep his client mentally and physically robust.

    Executives Week: travel, exercise and nutrition for enhanced efficiency

    Day 1: we're rocking

    We board the jet and have a quick conversation about my client’s plans and agenda over the coming few days. I supply the technology needed to know how my client is doing and tailor sessions according to data supplied over the coming days. We use a WHOOP for this. I have also brought basic equipment. A light ViPR, boxing gloves and pads and 2x 4kg Dumbbells. When we arrive at our destination, we have our first session. Readiness to train is reported to be high from data provided by the WHOOP, energy levels are high and we have access to a great gym. So we perform a workout that is a combination of Strength and HIIT.

    nutritional landmines for executivesDay 2: executives boardroom landmines

    My client has meetings throughout the day. Nutrition ‘landmines’ are likely to become apparent, so we make a plan to avoid them. We simply ensure that any snacks are kept at a distance (i.e he has to ask to be passed them, which could be a nuisance and so a barrier to asking for them!) and we ensure my client has glass of water in hand to prioritise staying hydrated. At the end of the day, my client reports feelings of stress and fatigue. Readiness to train is low. Despite wanting to train, I recommend a hydration drink and a basic flow routine, that is much more mindful and not taxing physically or mentally.

    Day 3: mental stimulation

    We have an early start and we’re flying today. We have 20 minutes, but readiness to train is low. So, we perform a ‘balance matrix’. This involves lots of work on one leg, whilst slowly reaching and kicking in multiple directions. This is a lot harder than it looks and mentally stimulating. This sets up my client nicely for the first tasks he has to focus on. kicking matrix

    Day 4: high energy, high intensity

    Readiness to train is high. We down a quick pre-workout and go for a run around a nearby park, stopping intermittently to perform boxing combinations, bounds, exercises with the ViPR and some crawling patterns. A great varied workout that keeps intensity high and the brain and muscles highly stimulated.

    Day 5: dinner options and reducing decision fatigue

    Readiness to train is still high. We have access to a gym, so we perform a full body strength session, with long rests between sets. My client has dinner in the evening. I get access to the menu for the restaurant and suggest a meal option. Lean protein is the priority and we try to stay clear of sauces and creams. Dessert is allowed as we have had light meals throughout the day and we don’t want to mitigate psychological demands of saying no to a dessert that my client would likely want. It’s also been a while since any indulgences, so this is well-deserved.

    Day 6: rest and unravel

    Another Travel day. Also a rest day. We perform a Body Mobilizer only. This is a great way to unravel the body after sitting down. It’s a combination of reaches and lunges to get the feet, hips and spine moving again and takes no more than 5 minutes.

    Day 7: mental priming

    We only have 30 minutes for a workout. Readiness to train is medium. We use the light ViPR and Small dumbbells to perform quick 3 dimensional movements and balance drills using the dumbbells. A nice varied session yet again that primes the brain. Kemo Mariott executives coach

    Day 8: easy does it

    Travel Day and Rest Day
    Kemo Marriott is an elite personal trainer based in Central London. He provides in-house coaching and travels with clients. Visit Kemo at www.holisticmotions.com.