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  • How to Stop Waking Up Often During the Night

    January 20, 2020 2 min read

    How to Stop Waking Up Often During the Night | Motion Nutrition
    You may be waking up at night for a number of reasons, including insomnia, sleep deprivation, and oversleeping. Under normal circumstances, you should wake up fewer than 2 times per night, and the total amount of time you spend awake each night should be less than 10% of total sleep time.
    If you wake up frequently in the night, you may have insomnia. Research shows that individuals with insomnia spend significantly less time in deep sleep than normal sleepers. Associated symptoms include low energy levels, even with normal amounts of sleep time.

    How can I prevent waking up often during the night?

    If you regularly wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep, and feel fatigued, anxious, or easily irritated as a result, see the following recommendations: - Develop regular lifestyle habits and strengthen the body's circadian rhythm. Go to bed on time, and get up on time the next day even if you could not sleep at night. Receive adequate sunlight during the day, and avoid naps that are too long. - Avoid activities that require intense brain activity before going to bed. For example, while you are in bed, do not watch TV, use your mobile phone, or go over problems. Go to bed relaxed and in a calm emotional state. - Develop a correct understanding of sleep and do not enlarge the consequences of poor sleep. If you wake up at night, do not get overly anxious, do not frequently look at the time, and relax. - The bedroom environment should be comfortable, with suitable temperatures, and without noise and light. - Maintain regular, moderate exercise (such as jogging). Exercise can promote sleep at night, but remember to avoid intense exercise before going to bed.

    32% better sleep in 30 days with Unplug

    Made with Ashwagandha, Montmorency Cherry, Bacopa Monnieri and L-Theanine, Unplug makes it easier to wind down and drift off.
    When it comes to sleep, there are no quick fixes. Motion Nutrition's natural sleep supporter Unplug isn’t designed to send you to sleep in the moment; it’s designed to change your relationship with sleep. By nourishing the mind with nutrients that are missing in the food we eat — day by day, for a month — Unplug gradually makes it easier to wind down and drift off. After 30 days, Unplug users report: - Stress and anxiety levels improve by 39% - Sleep quality improves by 32% - Time taken to fall asleep reduces by 52% - Getting out of bed in the morning becomes easier by 36% Unplug is not a sleeping pill that just knocks you out for hours on end. It's a natural supplement that helps your body and mind relax by soothing the nervous system and promoting deep sleep. You should wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy like after taking a sleeping pill.

    Try Unplug for 30 days

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