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Human Optimisation: What to Eat in November for Optimal Health

Alright. It’s getting cold out. Time for some soul food. Gone with the ice cold morning smoothies, and in with the warming, spiced pumpkin flavours, rich soups and fatty broths.
Eating for ultimate health in November isn’t just about fuelling exercise and work performance – we’re now dealing with cold weather and low sunlight exposure. Eat well, stay hydrated, and do everything you can to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Seasonal Food: What to Eat in November

Nourishing Mind and Body

With dark evenings and cold nights, vibrant food nourishes the mind as much as the body. Fill your shopping baskets with deeply coloured beetroots. Gorge on the sweet nuttiness of bulbous pumpkin, and enjoy the complex, forgotten flavours of Jerusalem artichoke. Replace store-bought nut milks with creamy, gratifyingly homemade hazelnut milk sweetened with some local honey. Balance your weekend roast with some mouth-watering, saccharine British quince. Spice things up with immunity-boosting horseradish, and slow them down with bite-by-bite globe artichoke.

What to Eat in November: tips and tricks

A Selection of November Recipes

Homemade Horseradish preserve This is a very useful article to learn how to make your own preserved horseradish while unlocking all the enzymes and nutrition this gnarly root has to offer. horseradish preserve Pumpkin & Peanut Protein Bars Ditch overly sweet vending machine snacks. Make your own seasonal protein bars at the weekend and store them in the fridge for your on-the-go snack.
Baked Quince Most roasted or baked quince recipes feature ungodly amounts of sugar. This is not necessary. Simply slow cook your fruit for a little longer to release its natural sweetness. Can be used as a dessert, or equally as a gorgeous accompaniment to your main dish. baked quince recipe How to Cook & Eat Artichoke Fool-proof step-by-step instructions to reaching the heart of the artichoke.
Jerusalem Artichoke & Watercress Soup The perfect winter warmer?winter warmer soup Got your own favourite November recipes? Comment with your suggestions!